How to get married in Georgia if you are a foreigner?

How to get married in Georgia if you are a foreigner? That’s one of the questions you ask us most frequently. Here is good news: the procedure is quite simple, and we take care of all the paperwork, all the possible details we’ve learnt from previous experience and of course we provide an interpreter for you. Because even though wedding halls in Georgia look pretty modern, not all of the stuff speaks English/Russian. 

So, here are required documents for getting married in Georgia (country):
  • Passports of the couple.
  • Translation of your passports to Georgian, verified by local notary. This may be done in advance, by sending us scanned copies of your passports.
  • Passports of two witnesses. If they are foreign citizens, it also have to be translated to Georgian and verified.

In case if groom or bride are getting married for the second (or the third) time, they also have to present divorce certificate which has to be translated to Georgian and verified by notary (for CIS countries) only, or plus it has to be verified by Apostille/legalization seal (for other than CIS countries). Apostille/legalization is made by country of residence of the foreign citizen.
If the couple has common children, they also need to present their birth certificate with translation to Georgian.

You may register your wedding in Wedding Hall or in Public Service Hall. The difference between them is that in Wedding Hall you will have a private ceremony with coordinator lady, your vows and bottle of champagne with two glasses. It has an official fee (135 GEL on a weekday and 225 GEL on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday). In case you would like to have your ceremony in restaurant, outdoor or in the mountains, coordinator will come to your venue. The fee for it is 255 GEL.

To register your marriage in Public Service Hall is free. There is no wedding ceremony and no privacy, they only give you your certificate. 

If you would like to get married in Signagi, you can do it in the Wedding Hall which works 24/7. It is necessary to book the date and timing and advance, just like in any other Wedding Hall. Public Service Hall doesn’t require to book the date, you just need to come from 9 am to 3 pm any day from Monday to Friday. 

Verify your certificate

When you get your certificate in Georgian, you need to translate it to your language and verify by Apostille/legalization seal. It is done in the Public Service Hall. Standard period of time for it is 8 working days, but if you are in a hurry, you just pay additional fee and get your documents on the 4th, 2nd or the same day. 

How to know if you need Apostille or legalization? Some countries require only for Apostille and others only for legalization. You can contact us in advance and we will check with Public Service Hall. Marriage certificate with Apostille is fully accepted by foreign state. But if your country requires for legalization, after getting seal from Georgian side, you have to present your certificate to your consulate covering Georgia for additional approval. For instance, legalization is asked by UAE and most of countries of Gulf. Apostille is asked by Israel, UK, USA.

We hope this article was useful for you. Still have questions? Contact us at for additional information!