Where to get a wedding gown in Georgia?

Our brides often ask, if it's better to rent a gown in Georgia or bring it with them from their home country.

What do you think is the best option?

Pros for bringing a gown from UAE/Europe/elsewhere:

a. The bride has more time to choose the gown.

b. The bride can ask opinion of her friends/family, and take her time deciding.


a. The gown may take a whole suitcase which is not always convenient for travel purposes.

b. The price of buying or renting a gown is usually quite high.

Pros for renting a gown in Tbilisi, Georgia:

a. You don't have to carry it all the way from home. Travel light for your destination wedding!

b. An average price of a great gown is $250-500, it is an affordable price, comparing to UAE and Europe.

The gown may be tailor made, and not worn before you, just for a same rent price. We can recommend a great tailor who is keen on creating a brand new wedding gowns and just give it to rent. Estimated time of creating a new gown is 1-2 months. PM for the details.


a. Not possible to try it on before you arrive.
Whether you are looking for an elegant minimalistic dress or a ball gown, local tailors have a great selection of both.