Nikah Islamic marriage in Tbilisi, Georgia

Islamic marriage (nikah) is easy to conclude in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sunni Imam issues a marriage certificate in two languages: in Arabic and Azerbaijani.

In order to get married in Tbilisi Jumah mosque, you would require two things: the groom has to be Sunni Muslim (the bride may be any other nationality) and two Muslim witnesses (provided by the mosque, if ever).

During the ceremony, the Imam asks the bride, what is the Maher (a gift or contribution made by the husband-to-be to his wife-to-be, for her exclusive property, as a mark of respect for the bride, and as recognition of her independence). It can be a gift like golden ring, property or similar. Money as a gift is accepted too.

Dear brides! Please think of your Maher in advance, so that when Imam asks you, you know what to reply. Your answer will be documented in the nikah certificate.

Nikah for the Shia couples is available as well. Feel free to contact us for the details.