What Dreams May Come
09 Jun 2015

What Dreams May Come

Once upon a time there lived a girl. The Scarlet Sails was her favorite novel. Naturally, Mary’s dreams about the first love were associated with the sea! She was waiting for her love maturing day by day. So the days passed… And finally the very day has come! She met her love!

Lovebirds were impassioned, and the day of the wedding was coming closer. In her childhood Mary dreamt about wedding by the sea. The wash, the turquoise waves, the snow-white dress, the veil, the groom under scarlet sails… It all came true because she truly believed in her dream.

Well, all in good time.

Mary and the groom started looking for a company which could make the dream come true. After visiting several agencies they came to PerfectStyleWedding. The staff listened carefully to Mary’s wishes and suggested holding the wedding ceremony in Batumi by the Black Sea cost!

Preparations started. Happy and in good spirits Mary took part in the organization of the ceremony. Process was easy and festive; she only needed to voice her wishes and the creative team put it into action.

The wedding day came… All the guests gathered at the pier in Batumi. The waves gladly were beating against the shore in tune with melody of orchestra. The violin’s strains arose created the impression of a fairy-tale.

Mary stood at the pier in the snow-white fabulous bridal gown, looked into the distance on the azure sea and was waiting for her Gray. At a set time the magnificent music was heard and the scarlet sails appeared on the horizon…

Mary couldn’t hold back her tears because at that very moment she became the lead character of her childish dream…


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