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8Wedding planning

Wedding planning is an amazing, exciting, but also exhausting process. Usually wedding consist of many components that are to be put together. To chose the wedding venue. To find the right vendors for your special day: floral decorator, photographer, videographer, wedding cake specialists and many more. To make reservations, compose timing, make sure everything is ready for the big date. If you are planning your wedding in Georgia, you need to know the local market and its opportunities as well. Do you understand how much work you have to go through?

We are there for you to make your life easier and to plan very special, beautiful and memorable cozy wedding in Georgia (country). We have established a large network of professionals who can make a wedding for any budget, for any amount of guests.

We offer you (but are not limited to):
• Wedding planner, responsible for the wedding day coordination
• Marriage registration (help with all the paperwork and documents to get married in Georgia)
• Organize a bachelorette party
• Help to choose wedding venue, make reservation
• Floral decoration
• Bride’s morning photosession
• Wedding photography and videography, love story for the couple
• Help to chose restaurant, compose menu, make reservation
• Entertainment program: music, dances, show
• Memorable gifts for your guests
• Master classes: Georgian cuisine, wine, dances
• Fireworks
• Private tours in Georgia, according to your wishes and priorities
• Transfers to/from airport for you and your guests.

We would be happy to be a part of your special day. We’ll take care of all the routine work, as you are able to enjoy fun part of wedding planning.

Contact us the way it’s most convenient for you: via phone, email, on the social networks page, or appoint the meeting with us!  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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