One Dress Story
09 Jun 2015

One Dress Story

My dear friends, it is pleasure for me to share my interesting stories with you. However, it is also pleasant for me to introduce you to the world legends, great brands, individuals and everything that is connected to wedding issues.

Today I represent world-renowned brand Vera Wang. The founder of this brand is an outstanding person Vera Ellen Wang. Her whole life is a good example of how to find destination.

Let’s begin the story…

Little Vera rose in a well-to-do family of Chinese emigrants. From an early age she and her mother visited fashion shows. She also did figure skating and gave a good account of herself but at a certain point of time she understood that she did not fancy herself in sport. So she changed her area of interest and enrolled in the course of History of Art, where she found creative inspiration. Concurrently, Vera starts to work in Vogue magazine staff as senior editor and taps into the world of fashion.

Probably you wonder how she became a designer and why does she choose to be designer of wedding dresses. One fine day Vera met her love and decided to get married. Just like it usually happens the bride wanted a special dress. After long time searching she was not able to find anything appropriate… At that very moment the idea of well-known future brand Vera Wang appeared. Vera created an amazing wedding dress for the ceremony!

<em>Sometimes it seems that everything is going wrong, all people around advise something and think that know how you should get through your life. You only see the point when you follow your heart, even if the road is difficult.</em>

Nowadays Vera Wang brand is well-known all over the world. Many famous people (such as Jennifer Lopes, Uma Thurman) walked up the aisle in Vera’s wedding dresses. Real fame came to the brand when Vera made costume for figure-skater Nancy Kerrigan, who participated in the Olympic Games and won bronze medal. Vera says: “I feel like my life made a whole cycle and returned to the point where it all had begun; I did not manage to participate in the Olympic Games but my clothes did”.

In 2002 new perfume of Vera Wang was created, production of other items under the same brand name followed: wedding bouquets, invitations, vessels, cosmetics, travel bags, glasses and bedclothes including mattress for Serta.

Although Vera is unmarried today, her first wedding dress was the very one that became the source of creative inspiration and gave the world a chance to enjoy god-given talent.


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