Honeymoon – what can sound sweater than this word?..
09 Jun 2015

Honeymoon – what can sound sweater than this word?..

Let me offer you to travel to Borjomi, a resort in one of the regions of Georgia – Samtskhe-Javakheti. What can be better than a peaceful and serene atmosphere after such eventful days? The resort is splendid in at any time of the year. In summer time in Borjomi you will find yourself in world of greenery, fir-needle, cleanest ozone and coolness. In winter you will get in fairy forest where spruces cover the moon with their big snowy hands, and stars sparkle with snowflakes. Here you will be accommodated in one of the guest houses near the Borjomi gorge. If one calls in advance, a comfortable room will be waiting for the just married. In the morning one can go to the park and have a breakfast there, drink mineral water form natural spring and climb the ropeway to the very top, from where one will see magnificent view of the gorge. Nearby there is an intimate restaurant where one can taste delicious ethnic cuisine. So after resting for one week in such a paradisiacal place and gained strength one can easily return back home to a new family life!


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